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Maildrops for the curious learner

Join the beat and improve your technical literacy and boost your productivity and wellbeing as a remote worker.

Still your curiosity about how the web works to deepen your technical literacy. Learn more about the technologies, networks and platforms that connects us humans.

Also, learn how to become a productive team member as a remote worker every Monday. Methods, tools and insights to boost your effectiveness.

My mission is to distribute knowledge about tech for anyone out there. No ads, no spams and always one click away to unsubscribe.

The String

In my own journey to step up my technical literacy as well as my own productivity I am sharing what I have learned throughout my lifelong journey as a tech practitioner and lifelong student.

Teaching others is the best way to learn. As a step to deepen my understanding about the web I am also learning to code. I collect the most valuable parts and share them through email and maybe some day on Youtube (we'll see, I need to find my camera first).

Here are a few of the questions we'll explore

🤩 What can we learn from successful tech-practitioners?
🧠 How can I learn faster?
📆 How should I plan my studies?
🚀 How should I structure my projects?
💟 How can I make this journey joyful without being burned-out?

and more...

Below, you can find previous issues of The String for a sneak peek.

The String #26: “Think Big, Work Small”
From abstraction to completion. A lesson learned after shipping my first web design project.
The String #19: Go Manual, Before You Go Magical
When building a new product or feature using advanced technology, we need to start with the basics. With written language or pseudocode we can articulate and understand what we need to achieve.
The String #5: Finding Rhythm For Deep Focus
To start with, this week has been a rough one. To truly find my rhythm of writing has been something I really needed to aggressively plan and dedicate time for. This is probably pretty normal for anyone trying to create space and time for their passion. The struggle I faced

Monday Motion (coming soon)

A weekly beat of insights on productivity and remote work. With the intention to make you a productive and focused team member.