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The String #25: Shower Thoughts, Learning Community & Courage 🎶

We are not alone as online learners and the brain is most intelligent when we least expect it.

Jonas Achouri Sihlén
Jonas Achouri Sihlén
2 min read
The String #25: Shower Thoughts, Learning Community & Courage 🎶

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

A quote

The below quote is from the book "The Bed Of Procrustes - philosophical and practical aphorisms", by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

Your brain is most intelligent when you don't instruct it on what to do - something people who take showers discover on occasion.

We cannot believe we always perform in an ON state. Always productive, always focusing.

The brain and the body process information and learnings when we relax and spend some time off from work.

A lesson

I started my first project in the Front End Dev course I enrolled to a couple weeks back.

The first project is all about using the HTML and CSS skills I learned so far. The outcome of it is to build a simple blog site. Enough of a challenge for me. I am, as I write this, trying to get my code sorted so I can press "publish project". I hope I can share the result in the next issue, if they have time to review it the coming week.

I am really struggling to be honest. But I am not giving up.

Even though this can feel like a  very lonesome journey with late evenings and early mornings I dare to claim; I am not alone.

The below statement is so true, linked to the lonesome feeling you can have when working in silence. I picked it up from The Art Of Work - by Jeff Goins that I presented last week.

We are all products of our environment, influenced by the people we encounter and the places we live.

No one can learn something new in complete isolation.

In my example, even for those who claim that taking an online education is a way of being self-taught, I can say: They are wrong!

Teachers and mentors have put time and attention setting up this course. An outcome of their combined experiences, skills and personalities. None of the lessons would be available for me without them. I can only imagine how many hours of planning and iterations they spent creating the curriculum and content.

…you cannot master a skill on your own. […] Every story of success is, in fact, a story of community.

In our digitally connected world there are mentors, teachers and communities available for everyone. That is the beauty with the Internet. It connects us humans with other likeminded people that we would never meet if it wasn't for the world wide web.

So even if we miss the on-site and physical meetings so bad after more than a year of restrictions, there is always someone out there.

We are not alone…

A tune

This song has been played on repeat for several weeks now. The rhythm and the lyrics creates such a warm feeling inside when listening to it. It is almost overwhelming.

What feelings are triggered when you listen to this song?

I especially got stuck with this line in the song:

The sweet belief of knowing nothing comes for free

Here is the full lyrics if you want to sing along.

Thanks for reading, until next time!